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Day 817 ~ Scrambling for Connectivity

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A tight fit

Better keep those bumpers handy.

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December 9, 2012

St. Martin is one of the most "first world" islands in the Caribbean, or perhaps the most, depending on who you ask.   But when it comes to internet, wifi and connectivity, it's a royal pain.   Only two networks are visible from the anchorage, one locked the other a pay to play.   Fine. I try the latter but it's so slow I can't even get to the payment screen, not a good sign.

With some client pressure on, the only option was to hit the bar scene.   At the Yacht Club, things went ok until the afternoon crowd rolled in and the noise level went through the roof.   I paid my 3 dollars for a grapefruit soda and tried Plan B.

The "Upper Deck" is the boutique bar on the second floor of the hotel next door.   "Free Wifi!" states their sign.

Up I went. And there it was, the perfect spot.   Quiet, a dimly lit corner with a 120v receptacle tucked under the table.   "Ha, ha," I chortled.   I ordered a Sprite and the barkeep gave me the super secret wifi password.   I found the network and connected quickly.   Ahhhh, this was going to be great.

However, nothing happened.   No emails coming down, no websites coming up.

I ran a few checks.   I was connected fine to the wifi, but its connection to the larger internet wasn't working.   I walked back to the barman.   "I can't seem to get the internet to work," I explained with my best look of friendly bafflement.

"Nope, doesn't work today," he said flatly. 

Welcome to the islands, Mon!   You can have the password, you can have the power, you can pay for your Sprite but you just can't have it all.


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