Candid Cruising: Carriacou

Carricou is Grenada's baby sister to the North.   Carriacou is largely undeveloped, and certainly has it's own feel and, to a point, charm.   We spent most of our time in Tyrrell Bay and it's surrounding hills.   It's a good anchorage with good holding.   But, beware, it's also barnacle heaven, a rich farm for under water organisms.   It's also noisy on holidays.

The people seem a little more reserved than on Grenada.   We felt like we were invading an enclave at times, but overall the produce is cheap and the people glad to have you.

Looking South towards Grenada form Carriacou's mountain top.

Lessons Learned

Avoid Holidays.   The thumping "music" started at 10pm and went until 10am.   Sound on water, what an incredible combination.

Arawak Divers is a first class operation.   The other guys gave us a questionable feeling.   When you life is in their hands, pay the extra $10 bucks and do it right.

Don't bother bussing to town for provisions.   The provisioning options in Tyrrell Bay aren't great, so you might be tempted to bus to town for a better selection.   Well, the selection is "better" in the sense that it's different on some points, but overall, it's pretty weak.   May as well save the time.

Be sure to take a bus.   Not for provisions, but to see the island.  There is a circuit route that affords majestic views of the islands eastern flank.   Worth the trip.

Wi-fi and Water are sketchy.   You can make a "donation" to the local children's fund to get the password to a wi-fi network, but the service only works late at night when everyone else is offline.  There isn't a viable, free water source.  The haulout/boat yard, which is cut from rural India cloth, charges a steep price for questionable rainwater.  Filter it before you put it in your tanks.  


Tyrrell Bay -- Good holding, questionable water quality, garbage is a bit of a hike.  Dinghy to the ferry dock, tie careful and turn left on the beach front road.   Walk to the intersection.  Google Maps

What to Buy

As little as possible.   Fresh produce at the roadside stands is reasonable and good.   Frozen chicken is workable.  Cere's fruit drink won't be seen again for a while, so get some if you like it.