Candid Cruising: Canouan

A hidden jewel.  Most charters skip Canouan, and that's probably a key part of its charm.  The people are friendly and relaxed without the attitudes or hangups of the Union Island set.   Half the island is privately owned, and the other half is pretty sleepy.  We like it that way.  Turtles were meandering down the road, chickens were spotted pecking at the roadside.

There is a little veggie market where the prices were fair.   In hindsight, we should have spent more time exploring ashore.

The Canouan Veggie Market

Lessons Learned

Don't anchor too close.   While we didn't drag, a nasty thundercell blew through during the night and our neighbors drug down on us at 3am.  The holding is better just a quarter mile farther out from the island in about 8 meters of water.

Don't take a ball.   The Moorings manager is a Nazi, apparently.

Spend some time ashore.  Looking back, we regret leaving so soon.

Don't buy water.   For the first time we found a guy who sells water from a boat.   What a great idea!   Well, the idea is fine, but the implementation is a little weak.  It's rain water, and our tanks stank for two weeks.  Thankfully we had plenty of drinking water stocked up.


We had good holding, but that's the exception not the rule for this exact location.  Move the pin about 200 yards farther west and there's great holding, according to a local boat captain.  None of the boats farther out dragged the night we were hit, so he must be onto something.  Google Map

What to Buy

Fruits and veggies are as affordable as you'll find for a while.