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Flying FlagsAugust 4th, 2012

My mother-in-law gave us a couple bags of leftover fabric in plain colors so I decided to try my hand at making our own courtesy flags.  Here are my attempts (just don't look too closely).


Sewing ProjectsJuly 12th, 2012

The boat came with a basic household Brother sewing machine.  It's a great little machine and has managed to power through several projects involving regular fabric to a couple layers of Sunbrella.  Here are a few that I've remembered to document.


Bag of BagsJanuary 1st, 2012

Several years ago, before our cruising adventure, we went to San Diego for a month.  My great aunt, who lives nearby, came over and taught me how to crochet bags out of plastic grocery sacks.  Once I got the hang of it, I began my search for material and shopping took on a whole new meaning.  Pretty soon, even Peter was choosing his stores based on my bag needs.

Here are some I've completed: