Kid Treasures

Having children living with us on a boat bring certain joys, pleasures and discoveries which just wouldn't be possible otherwise.

These include:

  • Chocolate cake frosting drips on the solar panels.
  • Doll hair in the shower drain.
  • Glitter, used to play "germs" stuck, better than adhesive anti-skid, to every stair.
  • Bent, rusty metal bobby pins jammed in the intakes of bilge pumps
  • Marbles rolling across the floor port to starboard while underway.
  • Innumerable tiny legos repeatedly strewn over the floor, just waiting for a heel to walk by.
  • Numerous rigging snarls due to the rope swing and its various configurations.
  • Shroud boots ripped off by the rope swing.
  • High electrical load items left on and running, say like a water pump.
  • "Decorative" knots tied into lines of all sizes, just for fun, which of course you don't notice until you need the line in a pinch.
  • A bungie cord whipping around in the wind halfway up the genoa as it's unfurled.
  • Decorative spots of ketchup and jam marking a path from stern to bow after dinner aboard with their friends.
  • Sticks, moss, and innumerable shell treasures tucked into seat corners, ground into throw rugs and generally found everywhere.
  • Some even contain ant colonies.
  • Incredulous looks of dismay when you merely suggest that, perhaps, they might want to clean up any of the above