Adventure Heros

During the internalization phase, I read everything about cruising I could get my hands on.   Most of it, frankly, was of little value, other than in vicariously keeping the spark alive.

There were exceptions, thankfully; voices that spoke candidly about what was to be expected and what it took to really break out into new horizons.  These were priceless and helped to form and shape our goals into something feasible and seasoned by the mistakes of others.  We'll make plenty of our own bad decisions, but hopefully avoid some of the ones that others have documented.

Worth Reading

 - The First Yankee, Joshua Slocum
 - The $10,000 Millionaire, Weston Martyr
 - The Minimalist, Annie Hill
 - The Escapists, Lynn and Larry Pardey
 - The Hacker, Jon and Sue Hacking
 - The Bums, Patrick and Ali, Schulte
 - The Swede, Leon and Karolina Shultz
 - The other Swede, Deborah Shapiro and Rolf Bjelke
 - The German, Helmut and Meryle Bender