"C. Buddy", Photo File No. 1156-09-25, Red Stone Agency, Vancouver

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Meet our Mascot: Cactus Buddy

Cactus Buddy is more than just a companion.  Through the course of our travels his fame has spread until his legend has become greater, perhaps, than the man himself.  Who can say? 

What we know is that C.B. is always on the move and continues to push the boundaries of his race and destiny.  Paparazzi sources confirm sightings ranging from the Yukon to the Pacific Northwest, the Minnesota, Ohio and the greater Atlanta area.

At the very least, C.B. is an aspiring world traveler and a wiley sidekick who's always itching for camera time.  You wouldn't guess it by looking at where he is today, but Cactus B. comes from humble stock, a hearty gene pool living close to the earth in remote Arizona.

The Early Life of Cactus Buddy, by Nika Torkelson

(one afternoon she verbalized, out of thin air, his entire history)

A long, long time ago, in 2009, when it was just about to turn to 2010, let's say March 12th.  When somebody that you don't know yet, Cactus Buddy, was sitting and clinging onto the cliffs of Phoenix.

A bear came up, stomp stomp, and knocked over the cactus.  The cactus tumbled and tumbled down the cliff.   A mountain goat took it with his horn and flew it and the cactus flew through the air and landed on the steps of a toy shop in Phoenix.

And the toy shop keeper just happened to come out and see the cactus.   He decided to make it into something a child would want to buy.  And so he took the cactus in and made it into a back scratcher.   He changed out the needles to keep them from being too pokey.

Then some parents came along named Peter and Lisa.  Their girl wanted an automatic back scratcher for her seventh birthday.  And that day was March the 14th.  So they bought him.  Instead of getting her an automatic back scratcher, they got her that.  They packed him in a cardboard toilet paper holder.  You know, those extra long ones that are very fat.

So, her sister, named Nana, wrapped him in tissue paper.  Finally, when it was her birthday.  A girl name Nika opened it.   And he got slid out and he got burned on his nose, which he didn't have any nose because he slid on his face.

So, she yelled out in a very loud voice, "A back scratcher!"  And, after she opened all the rest of her presents, which were to Nika, she hugged it a thousand times, kissed it one million times and then she grabbed it.  And, that girl named Nika took it over and put it in her chair to eat with it.

And that is the end of the story.  By Nika Torkelson, age 7.

P.S.  Don't forget to close the computer.




Some rumors have it that C.B.'s roots lie in a more plebian vein.