Bad Boat Names

Of course, anyone can make up a boat names and the USCG list proves that.  However, for the sailing and motor boats listed below, we are actual witnesses to those we consider poor choice.  Perhaps this reveals an underlying prejudice, but the farther North we went, and the closer we got to "civilization", the worse the names became.  Perhaps there is a correlation between boat naming taste and the drive to leave familiar shores behind.  It may also simply correspond to the percentage of power boats and power boaters.

Except for the first two, which we truly feel win the 'prize', this is the order observed and our location at the time, but not necessarily the order of silliness.

  1. Bowel Movement, Charleston, SC
  2. Scirrhosis of the River, Charleston, SC
  3. Mal de Mer (trans. Seasick), Grenada
  4. Snorky, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
  5. Dumpers, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
  6. Mudcat, St. Maarten
  7. I Dunno, St. Maarten
  8. Barfly, BVIs
  9. Blockfarms, BVIs
  10. Knot Face, St. John, USVI
  11. Imp, St. Thomas, USVI
  12. Termite, St. Thomas, USVI
  13. Crowbar, St. Thomas, USVI
  14. Boxies, Bahamas
  15. Stink Oh, Norfolk, VA
  16. Cobweb, Block Island, RI
  17. Bufflehead, Newport, RI
  18. Box of Frogs, Camden, ME
  19. Smuttynose, Potts Harbor, ME
  20. Bazookaroomba, Cape Cod Canal, MA
  21. Meatloaf III, Sint Maarten
  22. Dingleberry, Sint Maarten
  23. Dutch Concrete, Sint Maarten
  24. Moonjoos, Grenada
  25. Bozo Cinq, Grenada
  26. Adverse Conditions, Trinidad
  27. Bakeapple, Antigua
  28. Rat Catcher, Saint Martin
  29. Mama Cow, Sint Maarten 
  30. I Don't Know, Saint Lucia
  31. Allergic to Cities, Sint Maarten
  32. Aita Pea Pea, Martinique (okay, a Tahitian philosophy of 'not to worry', but we're not in Tahiti so it's staying on the list. The new owners must have thought the same as they changed it to Frost, which I'm not sure is a whole lot better.)
  33. Goma Rota, Grenada (in English, sure, but the Spanish translation is 'broken condom'. You be the judge.)
  34. Diddy Wa Diddy, Antigua
  35. Dunkers, Antigua
  36. Windhontas, Antigua
  37. Bionic Beaver, St. Martin
  38. Ferocious Mango, San Juan, Puerto Rico (a fishing boat, but had to go on this list. I had no idea ferocious mangoes existed.)
  39. Butt Ugly, Juneau, AK
  40. The Old Blister, Juneau, AK
  41. Rode Less Traveled, San Francisco, CA
  42. MetaMoreFish, San Francisco, CA
  43. License to Chill, Juneau, AK
  44. A Knot R Day in Paradise, Juneau, AK
  45. The Old Blister, Juneau, AK