May 2017 ~ Home to Alaska

Chronological Order

Mountains at SunsetMay 25th, 2017

I've been attempting to be more intentional in my photography lately.  The sun setting on the mountains tonight spurred me into action.


Passport PastimesMay 24th, 2017

Needing to renew my passport, Nana helped capture my best prison stance.  Afterward, it just went downhill from there.


Mile Hi HikeMay 20th, 2017

It was a sunny day begging for outdoor fun.  Linnea and Coco came along and we headed up Mile Hi road just down the way from our house.  Green hadn't reached the top yet and there were still several snow patches on the mountainsides.  Linnea came prepared with a trash bag so, while Peter, Pippin and I went up the left peak, the kids aimed for the large snow patch on the right.


Graduation PartyMay 17th, 2017

Nina wanted to have a small celebration with a few key people involved in her life.  Dyson's graciously offered the use of their cool gazebo and surrounding Hobbit-land so we cooked burgers on the grill and enjoyed conversation and Nana's cake creation afterward.


Class of 2017!May 16th, 2017


Mother's DayMay 14th, 2017

Mom and Dad came over.  Nana cooked everything from scratch.


Day 2210 ~ End of Another ChapterMay 8th, 2017

I started the day with laundry following by RV cleaning and stuffing bags with last-minutes.  We left around 2pm as we still needed to take the RV to Jay's in Buckley and drive through Rush Hour to get to the airport and return the car.  Fortunately, the traffic wasn't bad at all going our direction (can't say the same for southbounders) and we arrived with plenty of time to spare.

Peter was due to leave an hour before me, but didn't end up getting to Juneau until well after Pippin and I arrived in Anchorage.  Pippin and I had no trouble.  Peter, on the other hand, did.  His plane's pilot timed out and someone, or some computer model, goofed and didn't anticipate this fact by calling in a new pilot.  They boarded his plane, but then waited over an hour in the airless, stuffy cabin before disembarking all the passengers.  Three hours later, a new pilot showed up and they were off.

Arriving home late, it was good to see the girls again and, yes, good to be home again too.  Thanks for following our crazy nomadic life. Monday night, after a (relatively) quick 3hr, 9min trip aboard a Boeing 737-900, our 2,210-day sailing and rolling adventure came to an end (my parents will drive Winnie back through Canada in July). We've covered a lot of territory in the last 7 years (14K sea and 21,194.4 ground miles); it's been enjoyable with its challenges along the way. While this may be the end of yet another chapter, but I suspect the book contains many more to come.

Until our next crazy adventure, I will sign off for the foreseeable future.  Thanks for reading along.


2010 trip (22,839.0-29,427) - 6,588 miles
2012-2015 repositioning (29,427-31,900.9) - 2,473.9 miles
2016 trip (31,900.9-39,997.7) - 8,096.8 miles
2017 trip (39,997.7-46,507.3) - 6,509.6 miles


Day 2209 ~ Weddings and BabiesMay 7th, 2017

After church in Sumner, I tagged along with Jay and Denice while they checked out three wedding reception venue options.  The first two were at golf courses and the other the Old Town Music Society overlooking the bay.  In the end, we all voted on the hall as golf food is quite expensive (i.e. $4 per meatball, $2 per chicken skewer) and the hall has a great view and can be much more flexible around an unconfirmed number of guests.  Our tasks were also more easily completed due to the nearly cloudless day.

After a brief home stop, Denice and I headed out to a baby shower a few blocks away.  The hosts are Italian and they had a huge spread of appetizers and sweets before the piles of gifts were even opened.  The rest of the evening I spent finishing the ugly packing process. Peter and I fly out tomorrow afternoon and I want it off my brain.


Day 2208 ~ Packing it All InMay 6th, 2017

I headed to my sister's house in the morning and Peter took the rental to Anacortes to check out some more boats for his friend.  Tough job, but someone's gotta do it, right?!  After a cut, color, visit and a pile of sister hand-me-downs, I headed out to get some more packing and cleaning done while Denice was taking care of other clients.  I hate this process of conforming to suitcase standards, but at least it's just for a couple months.  My folks are flying down in a couple weeks to take the RV on a short trip themselves and then drive it home for us.

Later that evening, we went to a country music benefit concert in Auburn.  My sister's fiancé managed to get free tickets from a member of the sponsoring Rotary Club.  It included a reception with food and main floor seating.  Country isn't my favorite style, but I think we all favored the opener, Dylan Jakobsen.  He's from Auburn trying to make it in the music industry and was more acoustic in nature.  The Maddie and Tae show was definitely more of a glitzy show and the instruments managed to mostly drown out the singers.  It was fun, though, to get out, do something different and forget about my impending trip to-do list for a few hours.


Day 2207 ~ Snafus and Rabbit TrailsMay 5th, 2017

With Shannon's car, I headed over to a Hertz hotel counter to add my name to the rental, just like the airport agent told Peter I could do.  Well, this agent told me that Peter had to also sign the agreement in person.  Thankfully, he just happened to be 20 minutes away, instead of 90 minutes as he was planning, and drove the motorhome to meet me.  Then, after all that fuss, they mentioned that it would cost an extra $50 for a second driver.  If only the employees told the same, and full, story at the beginning, we could have saved ourselves a couple hours on rabbit trails and several phone calls.

At any rate, we were finally able to get all the vehicles legally moved around and even found an open parking spot in RV Alley to leave our rig. We then met Shannon, her kids and Shannon's parents, Paul & Kay, in nearby Newcastle and shared an enjoyable dinner together.


Day 2206 ~ Sunny DayMay 4th, 2017

Another sunny day in Seattle; that makes two in a row.  Amazing.  Figures, it would finally warm up just about the time we leave.


Day 2205 ~ SoloMay 3rd, 2017

Spent the morning being lazy.  After all, it's just me and Pippin left.  Sun popped out mid-day and actually warmed things up.  Pippin and I went for a long walk and then he spent a good part of the day sleeping in the sun in the back yard.  After Elizabeth and I gave him a bath, I left to go to the vet to get his health certificate for flying.  It seems I can't get out of a US vet without dropping an extra $20, however.  This time he needed drops for excessive wax in one ear.  Oh well.

After dinner with our gracious hosts, I set off for my friend's house in Medina.  She and I first met in Auburn in 1973 when we were neighbors.  Peter returned from LA around midnight to swap cars, leaving me the rental and return to Snohomish with the Pauley's car.


Day 2204 ~ Airport RunMay 2nd, 2017

We finished packing Nika's bags and Peter got a few things together for his short trip to LA.  A friend needs help picking out a sailboat and he couldn't resist the opportunity.  We headed out in rush hour, but managed to shave 15 minutes off our route by being able to use the HOV lane.

I headed over Southcenter mall to stay close in case of any airport issues, but also to hang out while the traffic died down.


Day 2203 ~ Rainy May DayMay 1st, 2017

Good thing we chose to ferry and visit friends yesterday as today it rained all day.  Just as well as Nika had school and Peter had work.

Mike whipped up a great meal for the crew and we enjoyed conversation indoors.