January 2017 ~ Alaska

Chronological Order

Day 2113 ~ Adventure ResumedJanuary 31st, 2017

The day has come and we're adventure-bound once again.  When we drove the RV from Florida, I really wanted to route across the southern states to see relatives, friends, the Utah parks and a couple places where I used to live growing up (Grand Canyon and Yosemite).  However, we ran out of time to do everything we wanted and we also didn't want to miss summer in Alaska.  So, craigslist offered an inexpensive (relative to Seattle) covered hay barn in Ellensburg, so we stored it there and flew home the end of June with the idea that we'd finish after the holiday season when it's darkest and coldest in Alaska.

Of course, I awoke at 4-something and couldn't get back to sleep and finally gave in at 5am.  Just as well, it made the last-minute packing less stressful.  Dad came around 8, we got to the airport around 9.  The airport wasn't busy and we went straight to the ticket counter to check in.  As a bonus, our agent was someone we knew from church which made the experience that much more pleasant.  Alaska Airlines is obviously practiced with sending animals, as the whole process of checking ourselves, our six bags and Pippin took all of 40 minutes, most of that delay was assembling the kennel and bringing bags to the counter in our semi-sleepy state.  We also managed to all get TSA Pre-Check, but of course there were only 7-10 people in the security line so it really didn't mean a whole lot; I also automatically removed my shoes before realizing that I didn't have to.  As it was, we still got to the gate with and hour and a half to spare, in addition to the half hour delay due when our plane was late in getting in.

After a relatively uneventful flight from Anchorage to Seattle, Peter picked us up in the RV to be sure we and all of our gear would fit in one run.  Due to our arrival being right in the thick of rush-hour, we opted to hang out in the Lowe's parking lot for a while to wait for the freeways to unclog.  I was able to unload a few bags and allow us to move a bit more freely...a bit being the key word.  Last June, we also left the RV a bit of mess, so there's some work to do before we can call it home. 

Next stop was to our friends' house in Sammamish.  Mark and Patty used to live in Alaska where Mark pastored at the church we attended.  It was good to catch up and stop the packing/unpacking madness of the last couple weeks.


RV is a GoJanuary 28th, 2017

We're baaaaack.

After arriving late last night and bunking in a Super 8, Peter arrived at the RV.  It's been kept under cover in a hay farmer's shed and, over all, wintered well.  The solar battery charger ended up behind the window cover so the battery was dead on arrival, but all the other systems were a go.

Having ridden the Seattle-Ellensburg shuttle the night before, he was also able to see first-hand that Snoqualamie Pass was clear and dry.  This was one potential hurdle in a big rig with no snow tires that we can put aside.  As soon as the RV was ready, he was on the road headed for friends in Sammamish where he'll wait until we arrive on Tuesday afternoon.