August 2015 ~ Grenada

Chronological Order

Day 1811 ~ Art ForumAugust 31st, 2015

Threre's a contingent of very creative cruisers in the bays.  One of them organized a forum at the marina restaurant where interested artists can come together to display what they've done and meet others in the field.  Nana brought some of her paintings and Nina took her embroidery work along.


Day 1810 ~ Jumble SaleAugust 30th, 2015

We've been talking about putting Sea Pearl up for sale, but just haven't quite been able to do it yet.  The girls are getting bigger so less of their friends fit at one time.  Three years ago, 9-11 could pile in and, despite a lack of free board, still sail...sort of.  Now, only 4-5 just fit at one time.

She served her purpose of providing hours of fun for the kids, but now it's time to move on and pass her off to someone else.  The Jumble Sale (flea market, garage sale of sorts) was packed.  This year, for some reason, has brought high numbers of boaters and filled the anchorages much more than other years.  This bodes well for sellers.  Sea Pearl had a lot of interest and we sold her in short order, but then the guy backed out once we put it in the water.  Oh well, there will be others.


Day 1809 ~ Hog Island HikeAugust 29th, 2015

Several of us took a walk over to Hog Island in the afternoon.  Nice hike.


Day 1808 ~ Mall MiceAugust 28th, 2015

I'm not going to call them Mall Rats, because they do go to the Spiceland Mall for a useful purpose.  Two years ago, Nina asked if she could do the family shopping in exchange for being allowed to buy a smoothie at the end.  To this generous donation of giving us four less hours in the 'routine' realm, we gave her hearty permission.  Since then, she's talked other families into allowing their teens to do the same and now it's a bet of a tradition.  The kids buy groceries, then get their smoothies while they chat together and take advantage of the A/C and free internet.

Like we often say, 'with freedom, comes responsibility' and she's doing a marvelous job.


Day 1807 ~ Erika Wreaks HavocAugust 27th, 2015

Dominica's progress was sent 20 years back in time when Tropical Storm Erika caused major flooding and landslides all over the island.


Day 1805 ~ DiplomacyAugust 25th, 2015


Day 1803 ~ Jammin'August 23rd, 2015

This year produced a bumper crop of teenagers which suits our crew just fine.  An old restaurant, damaged during 2004's Hurricane Ivan, sits atop the hill above Secret Harbour Marina.  The owners are working to restore it, but the bats still live in the rafters.  For this reason, the kids have dubbed it the "Bat House".  At any rate, with the breeze, the view and the flat grassy area, it's also the preferred daily hang-out location for our teens.  There, they are free to sing, dance and run around as they wish without disturbing anyone or being told to quiet down.  Occasionally, if they're up there during work hours, some of the workers even join in singing.



Day 1802 ~ HolesAugust 22nd, 2015

Our trampolines are off for grommet replacements so the kids took advantage of this new opportunity for fun in the water.


Day 1800 ~ Zoe's PartyAugust 20th, 2015

Zoe's Dad rented one of the cottages and the kids all went to celebrate Zoe's 12th birthday.


Day 1799 ~ OrthodontistAugust 19th, 2015

Nika has an extra tooth, four total actually, and all but the last has come out on its own.  This one looks as if it might stay around a while, but is shoving all her top teeth over.  Since we had such a good experience with the orthodontist here, I decided to take her in for a consultation ($18) to find out our options.  The tooth can be easily pulled, but the rest won't fall back into place without braces to assist.  Considering the low cost to put them on ($1,100), we decided to go with both.


Day 1798 ~ Waterfall HikeAugust 18th, 2015

Peter had to work on his birthday.  The rest of the group, 19 of us plus Pippin, went off to explore a new waterfall.  I highly recommend Concord Waterfall. We skipped the first sunny popular pool near the gift shops and took the jungly trail (well marked, no need for a guide) up 45 minutes to an upper waterfall and pool in the shade. Beautiful walk, not steep at all, no muddy path. Pippin was in his 'Mountain Dog' element. We were the only ones there - two tourist hikers (students perhaps) came in when we left.


Day 1795 ~ Off to the RacesAugust 15th, 2015

The marina hosted paddleboard and kayak races around the bay today.


Day 1793 ~ Pippin the UsurperAugust 13th, 2015

Pippin is a comfort hog, plain and simple.  If someone is sitting on a cushion and gets up, he'll immediately dash over and plant himself in the center as soon as the person is gone.  We documented one example of how far he'll go.


Day 1792 ~ Sewing ProjectsAugust 12th, 2015

Once my sewing list gets to be so long, I feel justified in extracting the machine from the storage bin.  These three flags are the last to complete and I finally sat down to finish them.


Day 1791 ~ August 11th, 2015


Day 1790 ~ Pippin's DayAugust 10th, 2015

Every dog gets his day and Pippin's second birthday must be celebrated, especially now because he, too, is a teenager.  Overshadowed by our human teens, he did have to wait until the follow day to get his special meal of peanut butter and sardines.  We threw him a little party on the deck and he was happy.


Day 1789 ~ Party on Sea PearlAugust 9th, 2015

The nice thing about having a birthday and party on Saturday is that you've still got one more weekend day left.  The kids were back over and on Sea Pearl for some extended birthday fun.


Day 1788 ~ The Big BashAugust 8th, 2015

Nina turns 16 today and Nana turned 14 on Monday.  Since they hang out with the same friends, they decided to do a double bash on our boat, then go sailing and swimming afterward.  They were all busy in the morning with decorations and I made a cake.  The gang came over around 2pm.


Day 1787 ~ August 7th, 2015


Day 1786 ~ August 6th, 2015


Day 1785 ~ August 5th, 2015


Day 1783 ~ Anna's BirthdayAugust 3rd, 2015

Nana spent her day not doing school or chores, one of the privileges afforded to the kids on their special day.  The others tackled their lessons, but only after asking if they could take time off for Nana's birthday as well.  Nice try.

There's a local dive shop in St. Georges that offers nice discounts to cruisers, more if we bring our own equipment.  I've intended to dive Grenada now for two years and haven't gotten to it yet so I jumped when the two-tank special was offered.  The owner lives near our anchorage so also offered to pick me up since going by bus would be a bit cumbersome in a wetsuit and a fair walk on each end.

The dives were great, visibility not bad.  Lots of fish.


Day 1782 ~ August 2nd, 2015


Day 1781 ~ Picnics and BuffetsAugust 1st, 2015

Twentse Meid invited several of us to a picnic in the next bay over to celebrate a birthday and anniversary of two of their friends.  We walked over and enjoyed a meal with friends.  That evening, we went with our kid boat crew to try out the local brewing company's curry buffet.  For $4 for the main dish and $2 for each side, it was a good deal and tasted good too.