May 2014 ~ Movement!

Chronological Order

Day 1355 ~ May 31st, 2014


Day 1354 ~ May 30th, 2014


Day 1353 ~ May 29th, 2014


Day 1352 ~ May 28th, 2014


Day 1351 ~ May 27th, 2014


Day 1348 ~ May 24th, 2014


Day 1346 ~ May 22nd, 2014

Long story short, the prospective buyer opted not to buy so we followed our friends around to Oyster Pond on the East side of St. Martin.  Fezywig is there getting an engine rebuild by the charter company from whom they purchased and Discovery is already there with them.


Day 1344 ~ Boat Yard DayMay 20th, 2014

Big day at the boat yard.  Had a prospective buyer test sail, haul and survey our boat.  While we were out, Lisa quickly dinghied to the French side to buy a gallon of bottom paint and I slapped it on.  Managed to get back in the water by 2:30p, so no overnight in the yard.


Day 1343 ~ May 19th, 2014

We pulled anchor to make the 10am bridge out into Simpson Bay.  Our prospective buyer came directly from the airport and we were off on a test sail.  Due to a wind speed decrease, we managed to miss the 3 o'clock bridge by one minute so had to anchor until the 5pm opening.  We then anchored inside the lagoon to position ourselves for a haul out tomorrow morning.


Day 1342 ~ Water FunMay 18th, 2014

John, from Discovery, acquired a new kid toy and came over to share.  Actually, a friend gave him two others, but his dinghy engine just couldn't pull all 13 kids and three floats.  Finally finding the right combination, the kids whipped around the bay for a good couple of hours and had a blast.


Day 1340 ~ May 16th, 2014


Day 1339 ~ May 15th, 2014


Day 1338 ~ May 14th, 2014


Day 1337 ~ May 13th, 2014

The riggers were on the boat and working first thing.  They had the forestay on in an hour.  Peter went to retrieve the headsail and we managed to make the 10:15a causeway bridge.  Anchored next to Discovery and Fezywig.

After lesssons, the girls went swimming in the pool where Fezywig's parents are staying.  Peter and I took Pippin and John came over with Amy and Ruby so the dogs ran around expending energy for a good couple hours.


Day 1336 ~ Rigging the DayMay 12th, 2014

Peter dropped off the canvas and went to FKG to see (again) about getting an appointment to bring our boat in to replace the forestay cable.  They told him they could do it in an hour.  Thanks, guys, for the heads-up.

Upped anchor and made it through the 9:45a bridge with plenty of time, got docked and before our lines were tied off the rigger was preparing to head up the mast.  In an hour, he had been up three times and they had the forestay off and in the shop.

The rain came in sprinkles for most of the morning and then in torrents for most of the afternoon.  By 4pm, they brought us good news.  Our cable is newer than the sides so doesn't have to be replaced and thus saving us around $900.  The bad news is that, although the forestay is pretty much ready to go back on, we'll have to wait until morning and dryer weather to finish the job.

Fezywig and Discovery came over at 8pm for 'open mic' at the bar next door.  Between them and with a set of parents visiting, they had 3 vehicles to arrive mostly dry (save for the ride to the dinghy dock).  There were a few other cruisers who had braved the rain to come listen as well.  A fun evening.


Day 1335 ~ May 11th, 2014


Day 1334 ~ May 10th, 2014


Day 1333 ~ May 9th, 2014


Day 1332 ~ DivingMay 8th, 2014

Philippe had extra space in his dive boat to invited me to go along.  This time, we went to the French side, first to the Fish Pot at 57 feet and then over to Banc Medes at 26 feet.


Day 1331 ~ Back in the LagoonMay 7th, 2014

Winds light but managed to sail all the way back, despite getting down to 2 knots at times. Tacked back and forth in Marigot Bay in order to make the 2:30p bridge without anchoring. Dropped the headsail and headed in. Went to start the engines at 2:25p and the port wouldn't start and the starboard wouldn't throttle up so had to bail out and anchor. 

John from Discovery came over to pick Lisa up to go check in. Once formalities were taken care of, he came aboard to help out with the engine issue. He suggested that the starter just needed cleaning (his Dad is an auto mechanic) and, voila! Started right up. Managed to finish at 5:15, just in time for the 5:30 bridge.

Going through the bridge was a bit hairy. Given 30 feet of clearance with a 25 foot beam, we didn't have a lot of wiggle room. Placing all the kids along the rail with bumpers (we had extras from Discovery), I got up to speed and, steering from the port side, stayed as close to that as I dared. A quick look on the starboard side brought me back to seeing the boat aiming right for the huge concrete block. With a slight turn of the wheel, I managed to clear the port side with what felt like only centimeters to spare. Whew.

Anchored near Fezywig and Discovery, about 100 meters from our former spot. Ah, flat tranquility again.


Day 1330 ~ Island TourMay 6th, 2014

The park fees to visit the outer cays are quite expensive so we all piled on Discovery and split the cost three ways. Normally, they charge over $170 for a day trip (there is no overnight mooring and fees are per day), but John was able to get it for the 'old' price of $55.

We motored out and arrived at the first one just as two day-charter cats arrived behind a third and unloaded their tourists. We opted to snorkel the reef and save the beach for the second cay. After a couple false starts, we managed to find a decent snorkeling spot on an outer reef. The coral wasn't plentiful, but it was alive and there was a fair variety of fish.

Next stop was Dog Island. We were the only boat so the kids and dogs headed ashore and expended lots of energy.


Day 1329 ~ Expending EnergyMay 5th, 2014

Peter, John, Michelle and Erik all went in the rental car to get a few groceries.  While out, they took a little tour of the town.  Meanwhile, back at the boats, the kids played and swam and played.


Day 1328 ~ Island TourMay 4th, 2014


Day 1327 ~ AnguillaMay 3rd, 2014

Casual breakfast and then anchor up and out by 9:30am.  Good sail, tacked upwind to Road Bay.


Day 1326 ~ Moving After Four MonthsMay 2nd, 2014

Several errands in the morning.  Tried to check out and get our canvas cover, but the French Harbormaster takes a 3-hour lunch break and we arrived at 2pm.  Wanting to be pulling anchor at 3pm to make the 3:45p swing bridge, we couldn't afford to wait.  Next we went to Coastal Canvas to pick up our awning, but only Dane's assistant was there so we paid and got the cover, but he couldn't find our extra material.

Back before 3pm and started to pull anchor.  After four months in a stagnant body of water, we had quite the eco-colony growing on both bridle and anchor chain.  Lisa scrubbed the first 20 feet or so with a brush and salt-water hose.  Eventually we reached the part that rubbed on the sand below and kept clean.  The bridle was next and it wasn't so easy to wash off so we left it.

Made the swing bridge with 5-10 minutes to spare so drove a couple circles then went out into Simpson Bay through the 4p Dutch Bridge and anchored near shore.  Quite rolly with huge swells coming in right on our beam, but it was only for one night.

As soon as we were set, we jumped in the dinghy and dashed off to complete our earlier tasks.  Dane had called us on the radio to tell us he was back and that we paid $150 too much and the Capitanerie was open until 5pm, so we did manage to finish everything after all.


Day 1325 ~ May 1st, 2014