April 2014 ~ St Martin/St Maarten

Chronological Order

Day 1324 ~ April 30th, 2014


Day 1321 ~ April 27th, 2014


Day 1320 ~ April 26th, 2014


Day 1318 ~ April 24th, 2014


Day 1317 ~ April 23rd, 2014


Day 1316 ~ April 22nd, 2014


Day 1315 ~ April 21st, 2014


Day 1313 ~ April 19th, 2014


Day 1312 ~ April 18th, 2014


Day 1311 ~ April 17th, 2014


Day 1310 ~ April 16th, 2014


Day 1309 ~ April 15th, 2014


Day 1308 ~ April 14th, 2014


Day 1307 ~ April 13th, 2014


Day 1306 ~ April 12th, 2014


Day 1305 ~ April 11th, 2014


Day 1304 ~ April 10th, 2014


Day 1303 ~ April 9th, 2014


Day 1302 ~ April 8th, 2014


Day 1301 ~ April 7th, 2014


Day 1300 ~ April 6th, 2014

Peter and Nina flew to New York City where Nina will join our friends (former cruising family) there on a ski trip to Banff.  Peter will overnight and then continue on to Alaska.


Day 1299 ~ April 5th, 2014


Day 1298 ~ Little ItalyApril 4th, 2014

The Carousel Gelateria and Ice Cream Parlour is not something you'd picture finding on a small island in the Caribbean, but it's here in St. Maarten.  Evidently built for his daughter, the owner imported many of the decorations and building materials from Italy.  It features hand-made gelato and ice cream, a working Venetian carousel and a gift shop featuring Italian ceramics.

As the website describes, "Carousel is a living art form, a sixteen-sided architecture with cerulean blue ceramic tiles" featuring "a rainbow of creamy Italian gelatos and sorbets...made daily with all fresh fruits and natural ingredients....from authentic Italian gelato machines....As tempting are the fine fresh crepes flavored with everything you can dream about. Or the frozen drinks and milk shakes with warm waffles and cold ice cream."

"Carousel defies everything you would expect from an ice cream parlor: the floors are of white glass tiles with cobalt blue stars. A hand-strung Bohemian chandelier lightens a magnificent dome with its thousands of crystal beads.  Hand-laid Italian mosaics adorn the walls, together with a gallery of beautiful timeless pictures."

Quite the experience and Peter deemed it the best ice cream he's ever tasted.

I guess we'll be going back...


Day 1297 ~ April 3rd, 2014